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You must be a "Verifiable"  International, National, or Local Manufacturer, Distributor, or Wholesaler to be included in this directory.

1. You MUST actually be a wholesaler "not"  just a discounter. 
IE. Selling the products at a discount from retail pricing does not qualify your as a wholesaler. Your pricing must be at or only slightly higher than the cost a buyer would pay if the buyer were buying directly from the Manufacturer or Distributor. We recognize that some retailers might want to buy one or 2 products and you as a wholesaler, might be a good source for this kind of purchase especially locally and will include you if you actually have prices that are wholesale or close to wholesale ONLY. 
2. If you sell on a website you MUST have a wholesale section on your website

3. If you have a physical location such as a store you MUST be able to provide our qualified buyers with wholesale pricing upon request. 

If you are a retailer or "sell wholesale to the public only" but don't have actual wholesale pricing for resellers " this is not the place for you. You MUST be an actual verifiable wholesaler. If you are a reseller or retailer of wigs and hair pieces and are looking for a great place to advertise your business check out www.aaawigbiz.com


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Gold Membership:   You get:

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  2. You also receive daily applications from qualified buyers as they come in.  Only Gold Public Directory member get the leads;

  3. An About Us page in all the directories with all the information the buyer needs to contact you and buy;

  4. Your pages are included in the Public Directory, plus the Members only, PDF and Paper Directories;

  5. You also have full access to your pages 24/7 365 to make any changes you feel are necessary at any time - including photos. (Coming Soon!);

  6. You will also be included at the front of the Paper and PDF directories as well as receive other benefits;

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  10. There are also many other benefits.

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Please Note: The number of public directory suppliers is limited.

2. The Private Directory Wholesaler Member
Bronze  or Silver  Membership:   You get:

  1. Business Profile Page included in the Members directory along with membership

  2. Full access to the InsidersClub™ directory

  3. You have access to the B2B Classifieds in the Members directory

There is a small fee to be listed in the open directory 
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3 The "FREE" Placement Wholesaler Member 

If you are a qualified manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler we want you in our directory and we provide you a Business profile FREE of charge. We encourage you to get yourself into the directory. Thousands of qualified buyers are looking for qualified suppliers right now.

  • Your "Business Profile" page is is included in the the "members only" section and accessible to 1000's of buyers. 

  • To make changes you simply contact us by email as you do not have direct access to your pages.

  • Membership in  HairGoodsWholesale.com is not included.

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