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You do not need to wait for weeks, days or even hours to get access to the information. Once you complete the membership process you receive an email and can log on to get all the confidential information and all the suppliers in minutes.


memberThis Wig and Hair Products professional wholesale  business directory is hot!

I originally tried finding the suppliers on the internet and it was a waste of a full day while I could have been making money.  I got the InsidersClub
membership reference guide and I have got to tell you - it's chuck full of goodies - tons of suppliers, great information and a lot of ways to find everything. It's worth every penny I paid and a lot more. - Just a list of suppliers without all the extra info would be worth more...

I was able get a wholesale applications out to 45 suppliers today and talked to 30 of them who are sending me catalogs and prices already. The wholesale application worked like a charm. One even approved me, set up an account for me on their website and told me I could buy today!

I would recommend the membership reference book to everyone who wants the information and not a waste of time.  Thank you You have made my life EASY!

James Lansing, Salon Owner, California USA

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