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Use normal business caution when dealing with any supplier. We are a directory service and as such we do not, and can not, guarantee your transactions or business relationship with any supplier.

  A "verified" supplier is one that is known to us to have good credentials, trade references and financial status.

An "Unverified" supplier is one that we don't have enough information on to state that they have good credentials. We have requested a financial statement and trade references but have, either not been able to process those, or have not received those from the supplier at this time.

This does not mean that this is not a good supplier.

They may well be in good financial condition, able to deliver products to you, and have a good trade references and reputation. However, it does mean we have not been able to verify their information as yet. 

Also, view the " Reviews" for suppliers to see what experiences other resellers have had with various suppliers to get more information.

Use the "Verified" and "Reviews"  buttons at the top of the page to get his information.

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