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Use normal business caution when dealing with any supplier. We are a directory service and as such we do not, and can not, guarantee your transactions or business relationship with any supplier.

The Reviews section tell you whether a supplier has a good reputation with it's resellers

This supplier has very good reviews

The reviews section is only available to members.

Members can both read and write reviews on any and all suppliers.

You should also check the status of the suppliers to see if they are "Verified"  or  "Unverified"  This will help you determine if the supplier has good trade references and good credentials which will help you determine whether to, or how to, best do business with the supplier.


Use the "Verified" and "Reviews"  buttons at the top of the page to get his information.

* Verified    Supplier Business Profile   Reviews Updated <Date>  

Report an Error Use this button to report an error on the Supplier Business profile.
Sometimes a supplier will make a change but will not update their profile with us in timely fashion.
You can notify us and we will make those chages to their profile.