Sina International  AKA Silhouette Hair

Sina International  AKA
Silhouette Hair

Brands:   Silhouette - Ethnic Afro American wigs, Remy Debut,
Hair Garden Weaves, Wig Garden human hair Wigs , and Nu-Trendz.

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  Sina International  AKA Silhouette Hair USA Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler

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Product /Supplier Details:

Hello! I'm Jane Han, the Internet Marketing Director of Sina International.

Sina has been distributing hair products in the US domestic hair market for the past 15 years under the brand name of Silhouette.

Sina is currently in the process of launching a new line of highly discriminated products under brand names that include Remy Debut, Hair Garden, Wig Garden, and Nu-Trendz.

What distinguishes our products from products of our competitors is quality. Made using 100% real human hair, quality of our products is far superior to any other product available in the market

The recently launched Wig Garden is 50% lighter in weight than other wigs, and as a result it has earned the name "a living wig" from consumers for its light weight.

It is also very affordable and shows off 6 unique styles of curls.

Hair Garden is a new weaving product that makes any desired hairstyle possible using a single package.

Our new product Remy Debut comes with a 100% Remy Hair guarantee, and it is a product of utmost quality that maintains its natural texture even through repeated washing

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