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Products:   Beauty Trends Wigs are all about lifestyle and are made with the idea of giving the wig wearer confidence, along with the feeling of comfort and beauty. This BeautyTrends Wig collection gives you a great variety of styles to choose from to fit your life's needs and desires. If you seek a solution for hair loss, or want fun and fashion, the BeautyTrends Wig will help you to satisfy your wishes.

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Area Served - International

In Business Since: 1963

Sells To: . Wig Retailers, Wholesalers, direct mail outlets, distributors.

Products  offered - Wigs, Ready-to-Wear Hair™, hair add-ons, hair enhancers and accessories, Extensions

Hair Types Supplied - Synthetic, Human hair

Wig Cap Types Supplied - hand-tied top, monofilament, polyurethane, Adjustable Velcro Tabs , Stretch ribbon, Men's

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