Allen Arthur - Hair Piece Training Program - Wholesalers
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Wig & Hair Product Supplier Details:

Company Type: Distributer Wholesaler

Area Served
:   International

In Business Since: 

Sells To:
Retail Wig shops - Cosmetologists

Products  offered
: Wigs, Men's and Women's Hair Replacement, Hair extensions

Hair Types Supplied
:   Human Hair, Synthetic - Synhair, Cyberhair

Wig Cap Types Supplied
: Action Cap, Ultimate Cap

Service :  Conducting Training Programs in the Sale and Fitting of Hairpieces for the Benefit of Hairpiece Retailers

Company: This supplier has raised the traditional industry standards of innovation, quality and service to create the highest levels of achievement and customer satisfaction.

The fundamental source of it's strength lies within our anchor and parent company, Aderans Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. As the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of hair replacements and related products, Aderans' global expertise is setting the pace for quality, research and development, and technology.

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