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Products: Ultimate Plus, Ultimate, Ultimate Royal Remi,   Human Hair Extension , Ultimate Plus, Ultimate Plus (Braid), Ultimate, Ultimate (Braid) come in Baby Afro, Body Wave, Curly Body, Cutie Coil, Deep China, Disco Weave, Elysee, Euro Straight, French Plus, Gold Yaki, HH Jazz Curl, Indian Charm, Indian Curl, Indian Disco, Indian Ripple, Indian S-Body, Jerry Curl, Loose Wave, Multi Coil, Multi French, Spanish, Straw Curl, Super Disco, Wet Curl, Yaki Weaving, Deep Indo, Perm Straight, Afro Kinky, Deep - China, French Bulk, Loose Bulk, Yaki Bulk *HH BALI, Deep Wave, Euro Straight, Regular Weave, Yaki Weaving

Company: For many years this supplier has been in the alternative hair business and is now recognized as one of the leading hair suppliers of quality hair products worldwide.

We know that success lies in the ability to provide our customers with the best products in the market offering fashionable and superior craftsmanship.

Each products is meticulously manufactured to achieve a natural look with cutting edge colorations and incomparable quality. We look forward to sharing our remarkable products with your business...

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