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Products:  Hand Tied hair, Wefted Hair, Hair Extensions, Lace wigs

Lace wigs

Illuminating with soft tapered ends in a shoulder length that's sleek and chic./Bold and silky straight, these highlighted blond tresses give a radiant look that's versatile./ Lovely bounce that's fashionably modern, this off the shoulder layered cut looks fabulous on all face shapes., 100% REMI BOHYME HAIR

Bohyme® Hand Tied & Wefted Hair

Body Wave, Brazilian Wave, Deep Wave, Egyptian Wave, European Body
French Refined, Natural Wave, Sahalian Smooth, Silky Straight, Soft Wave
Textured Smooth, Velvet Luster

Bohyme® I Tips
Pre-Tipped I-Shaped Hair for non Fusion & Fusion Methods

Also called; Shoe-Laced, Stick-Laced and I-Tipped hair

Now available to the world for the first time you can purchase I-Tips made with Bohyme® Human Remi® Hair. For your convenience the I-Tips come in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large which are specially manufactured to correspond both with our Micro Links with an internal screw as well as our Silicone-Lined Links in Small, Medium and Large. The Trumpet Links and the Shrinkies is suggested only to use with size Medium and Large I-Tips.

These I-Tips 100% Remi® Bohyme® hair is very easy to attach as well as remove and then reuses
over and over again due to the high quality hair. The result is a ‘nearly Invisible’ Strand by Strand Hair Attachment where the individual Strands are linked to the client’s hair using either any of our Links or Shrinkies. When attached by an Extension Specialist the outcome will be flat and seamless.

Use: For a full head of hair to add volume and length or making Hi-Lights/Lo-Lights.

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