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Ethnic Hair products can mean any type of ethnicity - Chinese, African, European etc. Lasce wig

The hair and wig industry has, in the past, mostly had demand from, and has produced products for Europeans. Today with a demand from many other ethnic groups for these hair products things have changed and the industry is geared up for production to all ethnic groups with their varying hair traits. For our purposes here Ethnic refers to hair products other than the standard European. It includes products for those with African heritage, Indian heritage and many others with different or differing hair types. Black hair, and afro-textured hair are terms used to refer to the texture of Black African hair More>>>

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  Sina International  AKA Silhouette Hair USA Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler

 that has not been altered chemically  Not all people of Black African descent have naturally afro-textured hair, although the overwhelming majority do. In particular, certain groups such as the Fulbe of West Africa have a few members with hair that ranges from straight to loosely coiled, due to admixture with non-Black African populations. Nonetheless, among non-admixed Black Africans, tightly coiled, Afro-hair is a ubiquitous trait. This hair is typically tightly coiled and soft to the touch.

Although there has been a reemergence of natural hair, there is still the underlying tone that straightened hair is a more acceptable or professional hairstyle. This is evidenced by the fact that high-profile black women in professions such as journalism and politics still wear straight hair. Notably, the American marketing strategies that have inspired Black women throughout the diaspora to straighten their hair are now being directed at Black Africans. Thus in many urban areas of the continent, and increasingly in some rural areas, straightened hair is common among adult females.

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