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New User Site Usage Instructions

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The Open Window to Visit icon represents a link that will open a new window which is located outside of the Visitors/Member's area. This may be either on our own site or located on a different Website.

This is done for your convenience and ease of operation allowing you special access or the ability to gather additional information without losing you place or to compare items, companies or website.   

When you see this Open Window to Visiticon the next page, like this one, will open in a new window.

We realize people are here for information and in some cases the best information on a particular topic is available outside of the Member's area or a completely different Website.

By opening a new window you can visit the other location without actually leaving our Member's area. When finished viewing the other location you can close that window and the page you were on will be under this window. You will be returned to the page you where last viewing.

Links that are directed to pages inside of the Member's area will not usually include this icon. 

We also use 2 folder icons ( and ) that we use on the site for various menus. Each folder represents a category containing of additional pages dealing with the same subject.

The closed folder means  there is something there but you can't until you click the link to that page of folder.
The  open folder means you are viewing the folder grouping or the material on the page.

When a category name is clicked on, you will be brought to that category's main page and the folder will open displaying it's contents. Once in a category, additional subcategories are then exposed when available.

The Back and Next icons will be displayed on the bottom of most pages throughout the Member's area of the site. These icons are useful for navigating through a category and for navigating from one category to the next (like turning pages of a book). These icons are not there to look pretty. They are functional and will help guide you through the pages in that section process.

We highly suggest all new Member's start here on this page. Read this entire page and when finished, click on the Next icon at the bottom of this page to continue to the next section. Our Member's area was designed like a book. You use these icons to navigate through the pages. This way we can introduce topics and terminology in an order that will hopefully not confuse you. If you jump around you may find it difficult to understand some information or how to use a particular tool.

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