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Not only do you receive the Business Profiles of over 222 Hair & wig suppliers but as a member you are able to slice & dice the information in order to find exactly what you need, the way you need  it.

Below is a copy of the "Members Home Page." (which may not be the most current page) If you are thinking of becoming a member please read the page below for some good information on the membership site and what is available.  Because the links are for members only they will not work for you until you become a member and sign in. 

However. please Mouse Over the Drop Down menu below. You will notice that that there are many categories to choose from - especially under the Wigs and Hair Categories - to find what you need.

For more information please continue - there is more information for you. 

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Wig and Hair Goods industry directory of wig manufacturers, distributors,Hair and Wig Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers Agents, Importers, Exporters, Designers, Trading Companies Worldwide

You now have access to  over 220 major Wigs & Hair Wholesale Suppliers 
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Welcome Member!

We are here for you!

TO YOUR Wig and Hair Products Wholesale Worldwide Information Center.

THE DIRECTORY of: Hair and Wig Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Agents, Importers, Exporters, Designers, Trading Companies and more....

Retuning Members please note: 14 New suppliers have been added to the directory recently Click Here to view their Business Profiles. Classifieds have been updated. Read them and add your own to the members only classifieds. Members read them and suppliers read them as well.  


For New Members:   What to do first:

Read all of the material below before you get started. 

Read this report:  The simple reliable way to get catalogs and wholesale pricing streaming to your door in a few days  Opens in new window. Simply close the window when you are done to view this page again.

1. Read the Confidential Report The Ins and Outs of Buying & Selling Wig & Hair Products for Profit ...Opening or Expanding a Wig or Hairpiece Business, especially if your are new to the industry. Opens in new window. Simply close the window when you are done to view this page again.

Download Adobe PDF Readers version 9 or above if you don't already have it. It's FREE You will need it for downloads, filling out forms, and viewing many pages on the suppliers sites. Download PDF 9 or above now  Opens in new window. Simply close the window when you are done to view this page again.

Fill out the PDF "Wholesale Application" form and print it. You will use it often. Opens in new window.

Having done the above you should read the brief introduction below and you will be ready to contact suppliers. 

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   Introduction  -   How to use this site.


Use the menu system above to contact the suppliers you want. You can slice and dice the information any way you want to.  Mouse over each menu item above to get an idea what is there but don't click just yet. 

Note: If you are a returning member don't forget to view "New Suppliers" under the "Wig & Pieces" and "Hair" Menu above.

Most menu items link to a directory for the menu category which lists suppliers. By clicking on the supplier in that directory you will go to that supplier detail page. Use the back key on your browser or use menu above to get back to where you were once you finish with a record.

You can visit many links on the suppliers website from the details pages. The supplier website always opens in a new browser window. Once you are done visiting the supplier detail page simply close that browser window and website will be there for you.  

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This membership site can be used easier and in more ways than the PDF directory and you can print what you need from your browser.  However, if you want a paper copy of the PDF Directory you can Download It Here

You have full access to your account at Menu > Information > My account would like to thank you for becoming a member and would like you to remember that this is your directory.  We hope that we have created it the way you want it and that it's helps you succeed.

We also want you to remember that because this is "your" directory you have a lot of say in how it works and what it does for you  - as well as the way it does it. Click on "suggestions" on the menu item above.

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There are 3 items you should use  on each "Business Profile" page.

1. Un-verified or Verified  Each "Business Profile" for each supplier tells you whether the business is verified or unverified.  Click on the links you you know the difference.

2. Reviews - Each "Business Profile" for each supplier allows you to read and write reviews for any particular business. The reviews tell you about the experiences other members have had with particular companies. What is written there effects whether we classify a business as Un-verified or Verified and helps you determine whether you want to do business with them and /or how careful you should be and what things you may want to avoid with a particulate supplier or what may benefit you most with that supplier. We know few people want to write reviews but we encourage you to do so because it benefits everyone. 

3. Report an Error  Each "Business Profile" for each supplier allows you to report any errors you might find that the supplier may not yet have reported to us.  We ask suppliers to notify us of any changes and we do check with them periodically to make sure everything is still up to date. Naturally, when something does go out of date you, the member, finds it and is frustrated by it.  Report an Error no matter what it is. Simply click on  Report an Error on and Supplier page. If you know what the correct information give it to us and we will verify it with the supplier. This helps everyone.

I and my staff are always here for you. We encourage you to tell us what you like about it, what you don't like, what your wants and needs are, and tell us what error you found - if any. 

We will do our best to make the recommended changes or additions and correct any errors so that you and others can work better. 

Thank you for becoming a member of this resource.

Janet Simmons
Membership Services Director

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