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Wig and hair business start up guide

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Still not sure?  You can get a copy of the "Public Directory" FREE by simply downloading it to your desktop Here This is a printable PDF sample directory with real suppliers with our compliments and no obligation to buy.

Sample FREE  Online Directory Sample

Download the "Public"  Wig and Hair Wholesalers Directory" to your Desktop

It gives you complete access to the Business Profiles of the 7 suppliers that want to make their information public for everyone. For most suppliers in the USA and Canada you can fill out a wholesale application and send it to most all of the suppliers and become retailers for their products.  By downloading the Public directory you can get an idea of what the full directory membership looks like and what it contains. You will be pleased. 

We are customer oriented and service oriented. You don't just buy the directory and then that's it unless you want that. You can actually call us or email us and we will be happy to help you out and answer your questions. We add new suppliers as they come on board and find new manufactures all across the globe. They most often come to us to tell us about their products because they know this is the source directory. We are a conglomerate of over 1000 suppliers and buyers (and growing rapidly) working together to make the wigs and hair market better for everyone. Suppliers get more customers faster. Retailers get the suppliers they need, to buy at super prices and make bigger profits. For smaller retailers we give you access to the wholesalers with the best prices so you can buy small quantities and not get ripped off. We either don't list discounters or, if we do list them, it's so you know their profile and can decide without subterfuge to buy from them or not - So you don't get fooled by a pretty face on the internet. We verify suppliers and we allow you to review them so everyone can have the information about their experiences with them. This way, as a buying community, we can weed out any suppliers that may not be ideal and find the best ones to do business with.    

       wigs wholesale and hair whilesale suppliers directory  Go here if you need only a few suppliers    

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