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Question: Why do you have to buy this directory?

The Wig and hair goods wholesalers directory is available as a paper directory, a downloadable printable PDF directory & online directory.

Most every manufactures directory on the market has proprietary information and has to be purchased. Many cost as much as $250 to $750 dollars per volume on Amazon and other book sellers. Because the Wig and Hair industry is making this directory available on the Internet and a Printable PDF Desktop directory (as well as in paper directory format) it is far less expensive than other manufacturers' directories.  However, there is an extensive amount of work and an extraordinary amount of hours that go in preparing a directory like this one. In addition many suppliers only want to be listed in directories that are particular to an industry and those industries resellers. They don't want contact with consumers directly and avoid such when possible. As you will see, the information in the directory is priceless and the price is minimal as well as tax deductable. If you are in the business and need more of better suppliers, or if you are getting into this business  - you need this directory.        

If you still have any doubts about the product or service, whether it's worth it, whether you should invest in the product or if you will get what you want out of it please read our guarantee and the testimonials on the left about the products and services. These testimonials are from real people that are real customers who have purchased this product.

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