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What is in the directory?     Finding wig and hair suppliers by type  More Details Below
A few minutes of your time is all it takes to get the answers


You can find suppliers that require only a small investment or under $200 to get started, supplier that drop ship, and supplier located in your area worldwide. There are, for instance  84+ suppliers in the USA. You can find suppliers by what they sell, by the brands they sell and a whole lot more.

The directory contains over 150 Business Profiles like the above sample. The online version also breaks down all the suppliers by:

It additionally breaks down suppliers by brand name to make it easy to locate suppliers of a particular product: You simply click on the brand name from the brand page and go to a list of suppliers of the product which may include the manufacturers, Distributor and 1 or more wholesalers depending on how the company sells and distributes.
You can also find Manufacturers, Distributors and wholesaler suppliers by what they carry or Type of supplier:


As an Online member - you can view this information most any way you wish. For instance: you can view all lace wig wholesale suppliers, all wholesalers in the USA , or all manufacturers and distributors of European hair and wig brands, or all suppliers that drop ship, or all suppliers that allow you to purchase wholesale for an investment of under $200 and many other ways...  You can slice and dice the information practically any way you want.


Click here to view the full page of supplier types available in the directory.

 wigs wholesale and hair whilesale suppliers directory  Go here if you need only a few suppliers    

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