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The wholesale wig and hair goods directory not only contains over 158 suppliers of wig and hair, and hair goods who manufacture, distribute or wholesale over 550 wig and hair brands as well as over 60 unbranded products. It gives you access to the real suppliers where you can purchase the product directly and at considerable savings (if you are a retailer) in the wig and hair business or if you are starting a new business and are becoming one. 

You can also get individual access to the suppliers of individual brands from our Brands pages.

You don't just get some names and phone numbers you get the actual "Business Profile" sheets on all the suppliers, with all of the suppliers information.   including all of their contact information, their minimum purchase requirements, their licensing requirements, the brands they supply, the products they supply, and much more . Click here to view a sample supplier page. (Use your browser back button to come back to this page after you review the sample page.) Actual Supplier Data Sheet


We also give you information whether a supplier is has been "Verified" and in good standing and offer a "Review"  section for each supplier, where you can read about other retailers experiences with that company.   

It saves you hundreds of hours of research trying to find all the suppliers. It also allows you to avoid discounters that say they sell wholesale and are actually charging you much more than you need to pay. You can find many of these discounters on the Internet. The directory can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you purchase your products because you are dealing direct. The manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers are happy to sell to you directly without a middle man and middle man profits.

If you have looked at the "Business Profile" sample you have a good idea of what the full directory is all about.  It lists all of the major wig and hair suppliers and brands and unbranded products worldwide. You can get the profile on all of the suppliers or just a few.  Read on.    

It allows you to get access to all of the suppliers or just individual suppliers by brand name View the Sample Brands Page  550+ Brands 

 wigs wholesale and hair whilesale suppliers directory  Go here if you need only a few suppliers    

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