Guarantee  - Tax Deductibility

Do you guarantee your product?

Yes.  If we misrepresented the product to you * we will give you a full refund. However, you should  View a Sample Page   View a Sampling of Suppliers and view our Brands Page, and use the menu bar to browse our site before you buy so you know exactly what you are buying. 

OR - We do have a try before you buy program - our free public directory. This is limited to about 10 suppliers. To see how the site works, what the business profiles look like, and so on view or download the free public directory Here.

We provide a Directory of wholesale wigs and Hair Product Manufacturers, Distributors & Wholesalers

Within minutes after you join we give you access to the 'Business Profiles' of: Become a Member of hairgoodswholesale InsidersClub. (It takes about 3 minutes)  and Get Access to all the suppliers & information immediately after completion.

  • over 220 + Major Wig, Hair & Accessory Suppliers of  over
    644 +
      Wig and Hair
    Brands & over 65 'Unbranded' wig and  hair products suppliers worldwide - so you can buy direct in no time.

  • We have most of the suppliers for the brands you see on the internet and more. And we are constantly researching and adding more information to the site.

* (Minor Errors Excepted - On occasion a supplier may change their information without notifying us or their website may go down or go under construction and on very few occasions a supplier may go out of business without notification.  We do "not" guarantee against this type of "very occasional" problem but provide a way for you to both notify us and we will work with you to get you current information)  

If you have any additional questions: you can also give us a call M-F From 10 AM to 5 PM ' Pacific Standard Time" 707 265-7913

We do not give refunds on the product after you purchase for anything but the above stated reason.
The Wholesale Information You Are About To Get Your Hands on Is Pure Gold and is Available Only After  Hundreds of Hours of Research, Verification, and Verbal Contact with Suppliers. - Actually doing it like you would have to – if you had the hundreds of hours.  You simply can't find all this information together anywhere else.

We have boiled it down to just the good stuff.  We don't do fake lists, retailers mixed with a few wholesalers, or other trashy stuff that is useless to you and would be embarrassing to us if Mom found out!   This is a fantastic resource. I will put my name and reputation behind it. 

Janet Simmons  Founders Message

Don't forget!


It's Tax Deductible too.

If you are in business (or contemplating getting into the Hair Products or wig business) all of our products or services are tax deductible.

If you are already in business, save your receipts and take them to your tax preparation service and take a business deduction.

If you are getting into the Hair Products and wig  business, your start-up costs and expenses will most likely be deductible.  You should see your tax consultant to confirm the latest IRS rulings. Save all your receipts in the meantime because you will most likely need them at tax time.


Janet Simmons
Membership Coordinator