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Hair replacement, very popular with men, has now become a product used by men and women alike. This name toupee or wig has fallen on disfavor for these products. No matter what it is called a hair replacement is essentially a partial or full (head) hair product. (Very similar to a wig in use and using the same hair as the hair used on wigs.) Hair replacement caps are often different from wig products.  More >>>

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The major differences between wigs and hair replacements is that a hair replacement is often customized for a specific customer and some method (and they may vary) is used to adhere the replacement to the scalp for up to 30 days for a more permanent solution to the hair loss problem. The cost of replacement vary considerably and often are more expensive than wigs. Lace wigs are also being called hair replacements these days since they are often glued to perimeter of the head   

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