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What exactly is this product and how can it help me.

Which directory should I get?

I am looking for  a specific supplier by name and a another by specific brand. I don't need the whole directory. Do you guarantee you have the information?

Do you take checks, PayPal and credit cards?

Why should I pay for a directory?

I am looking for  a specific supplier by name and a another by specific brand. I don't need the whole directory. Do

Answered by:
Janet Simmons Founder

What exactly is this product and how can it help me.


To put it simply, this Wig Industry trade directory of wig wholesalers and hair suppliers will help you get access to catalogs and wholesale prices and to become Hair Products dealers for

  1. up to Wig and Hair Products suppliers plus the suppliers of over 100 unbranded products Or

  2. one or a few suppliers you might be looking for. There are   brands listed in the directory

Also It will make your life much easier and make you happy because.  

  1. It will save you countless hours of searching to trying to find the information on your own.

  2. It will save you money by saving you time and Rescue You From a Lot of Hassle SEARCHING.

  3. If you are new to the industry, It will give you buying tips that could save you thousands of dollars.

What exactly is this product

 This is a Wig Industry trade directory of wig wholesalers and hair suppliers for Wig and Hair Products Industry that provides you with:

Over  verified suppliers in the industry worldwide who manufacture distribute and wholesale over  brand name wig and hair products and over 100 unbranded products. Some OEM companies will sew in your own label into the wigs.

Data sheets on all of these wholesale wigs and hair companies tell you everything you need to know about them, how to contact them, what their purchase requirements are, what their minimum purchasing requirements are, if they drop ship wigs to your customers and a whole lot more.

Their Data Sheets tell you what you need to do to become dealers for their products. It allows you to apply to the company using the Hair Products industry online interactive wholesale application form (used by 95% of these suppliers) and receive catalogs and wholesale pricing and purchasing ability for their products quickly and easily - usually in just a  few days.    

View a sample of a data sheet to get an idea of all the information available to you here. The data sheet appears in a new page and you can close it after you are done. This page will remain here for you. 

The directory itself not only gives you the information you need but allows you to FIND suppliers in many different ways. - Look at the Menu above - run your mouse over the menu items (don't click anything yet) to get an idea of what is there and the many ways you have to FIND suppliers.  



Which directory should I get? 

There are 3 versions of the directory available.

  1. The Paper Directory is for Institutional purchase - such as libraries. But is available to anyone. At $399 It is the most expensive way to get the information but the most durable for multi users.

  2. The best way for the average user - (that is, Hair Products and Wig Industry Professionals,  Resellers, Buyers,  would-be Buyers,  Wholesale Buyers, Wholesalers,  Researchers) to get access to the information is through the InsidersClubtm Membership Directory. This is a six month membership

    You have access to all of the data in whatever way you choose to look for it. Search by brand name, company name, product type (hair extensions, wigs, raw hair, etc.).  Look in specific geographical areas. Find suppliers who require low initial order amounts. All of this in just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Plus bonuses:  a standard Wholesale Application form that makes it easy to start your relationship with suppliers.  We include the Confidential Insiders Report on starting and running a Hair Products business.

  3. The PPD (Printable PDF Directory) is a second option for those that want a hard copy. You can print the directory and have all the information to hand anytime they want it. This directory has all of the information in the InsidersClubtm Membership Directory  but it is in flat form just like the paper book. In other words you get the list of all the suppliers with all of their information, but you can not slice and dice the information like you can on the website. You can not simply click on links and go to suppliers pages and so forth.

  4. Both the online version and the PDF directory. The online version and the PDF versions have their advantages and you may have  a preference. For those that want the benefits of both we have a Gold membership for 1 year that includes both the online and PDF directory.  



I am looking for  a specific wig wholesaler - supplier by name and also a specific wig brand. I don't need the whole directory. Do you guarantee you have it?

Certainly, you can order the "Supplier Information" on a specific brand from our Brands Page without buying the whole directory. Any brand listed on that page is one we have supplier information on. Simply click on  the appropriate "order" link on that page:  choose 1 Brand or 2 - 4 Brands.

You can also order Supplier information by "Supplier Name" if you don't know the brand - without risk.

Here is how it works - You order the Supplier Information (detail sheet - Sample). If we have it we will send it off to you within 24 hours during normal business days (Monday through Friday). Your order is guaranteed.

If we do not have the information,  your credit card gets charged nothing. However, our research team will search it out and if we find the information, we will send it to you FREE.

That's right, no credit card charge and the information will be Free to you when our researchers find it. 



Do you take checks. PayPal and credit cards?

Certainly. Through PayPal Secure Payment we take PayPal, Credit Cards and Checks. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to just use your credit card for payment. To use your PayPal Account or Check you will need to become a member. We recommend membership anyway since PayPal gives you a lot of extra security when you make payments on line.  Fact is, using PayPal make it much harder for anyone to rip you off.  Keep in mind that a credit card and PayPal gives you instant access but a check does not.



Do you guarantee your product?

Yes 100 percent.  If we misrepresented the product to you on any of our pages (minor errors excepted) we will give you a full refund. However, you should  View a Sample Page   View a Sampling of Suppliers and view our Brands Page, and use the menu bar to browse our site before you buy so you know exactly what you are buying. 

We have most of the suppliers for the brands you see on the internet and more. And we are constantly researching and adding more information to the site.

We unfortunately can not give refunds on the product after you purchase it for anything but the above stated reason.
The Wholesale Information You Are About To Get Your Hands on Is Pure Gold and is Available Only After  Hundreds of Hours of Research, Verification, and Verbal Contact with Suppliers. - Actually doing it like you would have to if you had the hundreds of hours.  You simply can't find all this information together anywhere else.

We have boiled it down to just the good stuff.  We don't do fake lists, retailers mixed with a few wholesalers, or other trashy stuff that is useless to you and would be embarrassing to us if Mom found out!   This is a fantastic resource. I will put my name and reputation behind it. 

Janet Simmons  Founders Message



If I become a member does that mean I can by from manufacturers?

Certainly, The majority of the suppliers we list here are manufacturers or manufacturers direct distributors although we do also include regular distributors or wholesalers of various types for your convenience.

Most anyone in the wigs, hair piece, hair, beauty business and internet retailers as well as others can buy from most of the manufacturers and factories in this directory; provided you qualify to purchase, and you are willing to pay their minimum purchase requirements.  Many of them will sell to you at wholesale prices even if you buy in small quantities. The suppliers detail sheets all have their buying requirement listed on their individual detail sheets. and    suppliers allow you to buy wholesale with an investment of under $200 dollars while  will drop ship for you. That's one of the reasons this directory  and the "Confidential Report"   ...The Ins and Outs of Buying & Selling Hair Products for Profit  are such important tools for you to have as a buyer. You get all the facts on the suppliers and know if and when to buy and make a great profit. .


What happens if I can't get the wigs and hair wholesale membership site to work for me or can't get the information I need? 

We fully support our product. If you should run into a problem at any time you can contact us and we will resolve the issue for you, or even give you a hand getting what you need. would like you to remember that this is your directory.  We hope that we have created it the way you want it and that it's helps you succeed.  We also want you to remember that because this is "your" directory you have a lot of say in how it works and what it does for you  - as well as the way it does it. Click on "suggestions" on the members menu.  

We encourage you to tell us what you like about it, what you don't like, what your wants and needs are, and tell us what error you found - if any. 

We will do our best to make the recommended changes or additions and correct any errors so that you and others can work better.

We also encourage you to tell us if there are (off chance) any suppliers or brands that are not listed on the site. We will do the research and get the information to you and on the site for other members.   


Find out which companies manufacture, distribute and wholesale over
600 plus  wig & hair brands



Real Suppliers


Find out Why you need this directory & why this reference book is a must for new and existing wig and hair retailers

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What kind of suppliers are included

Membership Information

Confidential Report - Buying and selling wigs and hair

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Secret,  simple reliable way to get catalogs and wholesale pricing streaming to you door in a few days

memberThank you! You saved me hundreds and probably thousands of dollars. I was buying from someone I thought was a wholesaler but turned out to be only a discounter instead of a real wholesaler. This discounter is a very large internet company,  so I trusted them.  But, after finding the real suppliers I'm now paying 1/2 of what I used to pay for wigs and the supplier drop ship for only $5.00. I've been able to drop my prices, almost double my profit, and get the wigs and hair pieces to my customers fast. I also don't have to have them shipped to me and then ship them out again. I love this !!!T.J. Houston Texas

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