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They are available for partial covering and fUll cover for complete baldness. The cap types vary from skin cap, to monofilament to lace, and fish net. Men's hair replacements are often custom manufactured using a template for the correct sizing but can be done in standard non-custom design. One of the major differences between hair replacements and a wig is the method of attachment. Typically hair replacement are attached with adhesive strips, tape for short term attachment. Semi- Permanent of attaching a hair system is now very popular You can wear your hair system while sleeping, during showers, and while swimming or enjoying your favorite sports, you also must have the hair system removed, reattached every 4 or 5 weeks. The cleaner- glue preparation, used to secure the hair system to your hair, greatly accelerates hair loss along the balding hair line where the hair system is attached.

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     Supplier  (Click Name to view Supplier) Location  Supplier Type
  JNB Solutions Ireland Hair Replacement Glue
Yuanhua International Trading Co., Ltd. China Manufacturer/Hair or Parts Suppliers/Trading Co
  Shandong Yuanhua International Trading Co., Ltd. China Manufacturer/Hair or Parts Suppliers/Trading Co
  The European Hair Factory, Inc Germany Manufacturer

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They can be found in our members section - the PDF book, or the paper directory 

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