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This is Why you need this Wholesale Reference -

You need this Who's Who blue book of the wig and hair industry  because: Over 200 "Real" worldwide manufacturers, distributors, wholesale suppliers your competition is buying from are all here and can now be at your fingertips in minutes including 28 suppliers that will train you if you are new to the business. You don't need to worry about getting ripped off by some internet discounter. Get real wholesale from the "Real" suppliers - Right Now!


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  • MORE...

  • We even include the 'Confidential Report'  ...The Ins and Outs of Buying & Selling Wigs & Hair Products for Profit. with the  membership Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by using this report to buy your products. You do the math.
    If you make just one purchase & save big what has the membership cost you?

  • You get access to suppliers full 'online and paper catalogs.'  Pricing Including photos of their products & color selections.  We even give you the Secret, simple reliable way to get catalogs an
  • "You won't waste any more of your time needlessly searching. It could cost you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to get this info. (We know because our team did it.) We have done all that legwork for you so...

  • You can start buying almost immediately: Our standard 'Online Wholesale Application" (fill it out once) gets you into the door almost immediately and our "Confidential Report" shows you how to get the best deals with the suppliers. Really!

  • What could be better or easier for you? We have helped thousands of happy people. You could be one of them. If you are a serious business owner or a looking to get into the wigs and hair business or beauty supply business this reference "blue book" directory is for you. 

You can have confidence in this Wig and Hair Industry Guide.
Here is a consensus of what over 2500 members have to say.

Testimonial What a great business tool this is for  professionals! 

Anna Stern,  Hair Extension Salon,  London UK

I've tried using the Internet and the internet phone directories to find hair and wig wholesalers. The search engines like Google and the internet phone directories are full of retail suppliers - resellers like myself - or they have a lot of companies that say they sell wholesale but really don't - that only give you a small discount if you buy a lot of product. The internet is a mess and a waste of time when it comes to finding hair or wigs suppliers  

I've also used other directories costing 100's of dollars and found them to be a waste of time and money so I was hesitant at first. When I became a member of this directory I discovered it was worth 100's of dollars but cost far, far less. How refreshing to get a valuable tool at such a  great price.

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