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Wig Industry Directory Types available     More Details Below
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  •   What kind of directory is this - Paper directory or online. 

There are 3 directory types available from this site.

The directory is available as a Paper Directory. The hardcover edition of the directory is for libraries and the wig and hair goods industry which is updated once per year in February.

There is the downloadable and Printable PDF Directory for your computer desktop edition for individual retailers and resellers which is updated every 6 months in July and January.  The current edition of this directory is available to you within minutes of becoming a member. 

There is an online directory that is available to you 24/7/365, over the internet to members which is updated daily as changes occur. The online Edition of this directory is available to you within minutes of your becoming a member.

The Wig and Hair Wholesaler Information You Are About To Get Your Hands on Is Pure Gold and is Available Only After  Hundreds of Hours of Research, Verification, and Verbal Contact with Suppliers. - Actually doing it like you would have to. – if you had hundreds of hours.  You simply can't find all this information anywhere else.  We have boiled it down to just the good stuff. It gives you the competitors secret sources. We don't do fake lists, retailers mixed with a few wholesalers, or other trashy stuff that is useless to you and would be embarrassing to us if mom found out! These are real Manufacturers, Distributors and wholesalers and they want your business!

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