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The hair wholesale suppliers and distributors and the wholesale Wig Industry reference manual of manufactures, distributors and wholesalers currently includes over 215 wig, hair piece, hair extension, and hair suppliers allowing you to buy hair and wigs wholesale from many sources - including direct manufacturer sources & wig makers - at substantial savings over buying from wig and hair discounters over the internet (often found on such search engines as Google and others) who offer you only a small discount for wholesale human or synthetic hair & wholesale human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

On these pages you will find over 600 well known hair, wig, brands and accessories and numerous suppliers of over 70 unbranded product lines where you can put in your own OEM label. You can get access to the suppliers of all of these brands in several ways - including ordering supplier information for a particular product or getting access to the entire directory which gives you access to all of the branded and unbranded product suppliers. Please choose the type of product you are looking for below.



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 More Information: We have broken down the category into several sections for your convenience,  since there are so many wig and so many hair types based on ethnicity and other factors. However, these are, by no means the the only categories in this directory. Browse the drop down menu above to get an idea of what is here.  

Almost all of these suppliers are manufacturers of the products or local manufacturer distribution offices which have a large supply of product on hand and can sell to you at fabulous prices. We also list under these manufacturing suppliers their distributors, wholesalers, agents, importers, exporters, designers and trading companies. We list these for your convenience in case you don't  want to buy in large quantities from the manufacturers themselves or it is more convenient for you to have a local supplier. Although it should be noted, and may be a surprise to you, that many manufacturers do not require large purchases and some,

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