Need information on "just a few"  wig Wholesale or
hair goods wholesale suppliers?

Yes, you can get that!

  2. Some people already in business don't need the whole directory - just a few suppliers. Now it's simple and fast.
         You can order  specific suppliers by name and receive their   data sheets  or order  specific brands and get the suppliers data sheets for those brand names in our directory.
  3. Decide on which brands you want supplier information on.
  4. From the brands page click on one of the links (as shown on right) and place you order for the brand or brands you are looking for.  
  5. It's that simple. You will receive the complete supplier information by email within 24 hours during days.
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    Mon -Fri 10 Am - 5Pm PST
  6. Go to the brands page now.

To place you order after you view the brand pages click your order choice in the yellow box (like the one on the right)  on any brand page. 


If you are a consumer ( rather than a wholesale buyer) and are looking to buy Hair, Wigs or hair pieces retail at fantastic savings go here. To shop for your favorite brand online go here Brand   To shop locally for your favorite brands try here Local Wig Shops. To shop by specific category go here 


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